Customs Seizes P168M Worth Of Contaminated Tikoys

MANILA, Philippines — The Bureau of Customs (BOC) has seized over the weekend, 168 million pesos worth of smuggled tikoys, believed to be toxic and can cause serious health problems if consumed.

With the help of an anonymous tip, authorities were able to intercept the cargo trucks carrying the contaminated goods before it even had the chance to be sold to the unsuspecting public.

The “toxic tikoys” were immediately brought to the office of Bureau of Food and Drug (BFAD) for testing.

Headed by Dra. Elenita Canlaon, chief laboratory analyst at BFAD, the test results released yesterday, shows that each box of tikoy contains high amounts of drimucus tetrahexine, a chemical compound commonly used in the production of adhesives. Said substance was used, in this case, because it is cheaper in making the Chinese delicacy sticky. The doctor expressed her relief on the confiscation of the products and reiterated the danger if fallen into the wrong hands.

“Whoever eats one of these, even a small portion, would have their mouth shut permanently because of the chemicals added. The compound used also has a very strong toxicity level,” said the doctor. She added, “it seems that whoever smuggled these into the country had bad intentions, specifically to eliminate a person’s ability to open their mouths let alone to speak.”

Authorities are already looking at possible angles and suspects who may be responsible for importing the goods. One angle they are looking into is the possibility of using the tikoys in the ongoing impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona. They are just unsure which side is the culprit. Either it was imported by the defense to silence witnesses; or it was the prosecution who wanted to shut the mouth of defense lawyer Serafin Cuevas, for making them (the prosecution) look like amateurs.

Authorities are also looking into the angle that somebody wanted to shut the mouth of Presidential sister Kris Aquino for good. So that she won’t be able to say that any woman who shakes the hand of his brother is “bagay (compatible)” to him anymore.


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