Gordon Suggests Using of Kindle Instead of Paper In Presenting Documents During Corona Trial

MANILA, Philippines — Former Senator Dick Gordon is proposing the use of Kindle, an e-book reader; instead of paper in the ongoing impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

This after the Red Cross Chairman noticed volumes of documents being brought in today by Senate staffs in preparation for the presentation of evidence by the prosecution after yesterday’s developments. Gordon cited environmental concerns, desk clutter and security concerns in justifying his suggestion.

Backing Gordon’s suggestion for a paper-free trial is environmental organization Greenpeace. The group’s spokesman Bernard De Luntian said that paper is very easy to dispose off. “How many government offices have we seen that were hit by fires, where documents and records were destroyed, some conveniently for others, over the years?” he added.

“We have been supporters of Mr. Gordon’s initiative, even during last year’s Presidential election, where he promised a Kindle for every student if he won,” said a member of the group. “As we all know by now, he did not win. That is why every student must still lugged around 3 or more books everyday to school”

Greenpeace is starting a fund raising drive in order to accumulate enough donations to buy Kindle for the prosecution and defense panel members, as well as each of the Senator judge. “We don’t want to wait for Chairman Gordon to win in next year’s election, that is why we are taking matters into our own hands,” said Luntian. Details for the fund raising drive would be announced soon.

The group has already submitted the proposal for the paper-free trial and is still waiting for the Senate office’s reply regarding the matter.


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