Boy Abunda To Be Guest Prosecutor Against CJ Corona.

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MANILA, Philippines — It would seem that the prosecution team against Chief Justice Renato Corona has an ace up their sleeves, as we are receiving reports that TV Host turned newscaster, turned government official – Boy Abunda is a surprise guest prosecutor in the ongoing impeachment trial at the Senate and was just spotted inside the session hall.

The prosecution team, managed by Cavite Rep. Joseph Emilio Abaya and headed by Iloilo Rep. Neil Tupas, Jr. will be joined by 10 other lawmakers , each assisted by private lawyers from a pool of 58; who will try to remove Corona from the judiciary.

Besides boasting of evidences that would help pin the Chief Justice, the prosecution team sought the help of Eugenio “Boy” R. Abunda, Jr. to assist them on the cross examination proceedings of Corona. “We know that we have to have the best in order to convict him and we have that now,” said Tupas, during an ambush interview.

When asked to elaborate further on why Abunda was the best, the lawmaker from Iloilo said “Two words: Mahiwagang Salamin!

The Mahiwagang Salamin (or Magic Mirror) was made famous by the TV host, who would use the imaginary tool to dig out answers from his celebrity guest who would otherwise remain tight-lipped without the mirror, during an interview.

“The Magic Mirror is better than taking an oath on the Bible. How many times have we seen actors and actresses divulging juicy details when faced with Mr. Abunda?” said Rep. Abaya.

Boy Abunda was rumored to be highly recommended by President Noynoy Aquino, whose sister, Kris; is a close friend of Abunda.

No word yet if John Lapus, also a close friend of the Presidential sister, was also asked to help in the cross examination, together with his back-up dancers and the infamous lie detector.


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