DOJ Eyes Stricter Rules On Hiring NBI ‘Agents’

MANILA, Philippines – Justice Secretary Leila De Lima intends to enforce stricter policies on the hiring of “confidential agents” and non-organic personnel by the National Bureau of Investigation, an attached agency of the Department of Justice(DOJ).

This, following the controversy involving undocumented Japanese national Noriyo Ohara who was nabbed and subsequently detained by NBI agents.

The DOJ will submit this Friday the results of its investigation into the incident to President Benigno Aquino III.

Officials of the NBI’s Security Management Division (SMD), including its chief Mario Garcia and his executive officer, Jose Odellon Cabillan, were relieved of their duties after Ohara’s Filipino foster family complained of extortion.

Since the 32-year-old Ohara’s arrest in Pangasinan on October 29 for being an illegal alien, some P6 million had been paid to the NBI, the complaint alleged.

De Lima is now looking into reports several armed non-organic personnel were involved in Ohara’s arrest. She is set to revoke the authority issued to these personnel anytime today or tomorrow.

“I’m going to revoke the authority given to them, if any, with respect to the holding or bearing, for example, of firearms and mission orders…. if I’m not mistaken, about 30 of them… mukhang private army na yung ganyan. I understand that authority was issued at the level of the SMD chief, so what is the authority of that SMD chief to issue mission orders to people who are neither organic [nor] confidential agents of the bureau?” De Lima said.

“Ang policy namin is to limit and to be very clear in the qualifications and guidelines in appointing people as confidential agents kasi ang issue dyan is the lack of accountability to these people na prone to abuses,” she added.

In light of the DOJ investigation, NBI Director Magtanggol Gatdula has gone on leave. Gatdula had appeared before the DOJ panel tasked to investigate the controversy.

The panel is expected to hand in its report to De Lima on Wednesday.



P.S. The above news is not fictional nor satirical or humorous.

Original post made by Ms. Ina Reformina of ABS-CBN News found here:




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