DOH’s “Iwas Paputok” Campaign to be Used by RH Bill Advocates

MANILA, Philippines — RH Bill advocates and supporters has expressed today, their interest in utilizing the slogan for anti-firecrackers of the Department of Health (DOH) in their own campaign.

Referring to DOH’s previous campaign, the Philippine Organization on Family Planning will start to implement the tagline: “Iwas Paputok” as it’s slogan to raise awareness on the importance of family planning. The slogan will be used in print and television advertisements starting next year.

Don't try this as home

According to Nicole Sylvano, head of marketing awareness for the organization; using the slogan was a “no-brainer”. “It’s very direct to the point. It really gets the message across,” she said.

“We are urging couples to refrain from setting off any “fireworks” without planning first. Iwasan po nating magpaputok, pero kung kinakailangan po talaga at hindi maiwasan, siguraduhing sa labas po natin ito gawin,” added Nicole.

Asked if there are other alternatives beside doing it outside, Nicole said “As per the advice of DOH, we are urging couples to use trumpets nalang at wag nang magpaputok whatsover.Torotots are safer than fireworks in our opinion, and the chances of accidents are very very slim”


Have a happy and safe new year everyone!


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