Another Worm Found on Fast-Food Dish

MANILA, Philippines — Just days after an alleged caterpillar found it’s way to a fast food vegetable dish, another critter was found in another dish by a customer of another fast food chain.

Benjamin Dimaunahan, narrated to So, What’s News that upon ordering a value meal from Jollibee, he noticed something unusual on top of his dish. Upon closer inspection, he realized that there was not one, but five worms that was “garnished” accidentally on his favorite Palabok meal.

Photo taken by Benjamin Dimaunahan

Not the one to jump to conclusions, Benjamin took a photo as evidence and then proceeded to examine the critters on the noodles. He first poked them to see whether they were still alive, where he found out that they were not. Secondly, he took a whiff to see if there were foul odors present. “There were no bad odors. No. But to my surprise, they smelled rather sweet. So I went on to lick it,” said Dimaunahan.

Having licked the worm, he somehow felt the urged to eat them as they were, in his words, tasted nice and sweet indeed. Before he knew it, he had gobbled them all up. Satisfied with what he have eaten, he went to the manager of the branch, to inquire about the situation and if possible, ask for seconds.

Other customers overheard his request and started asking that their food be topped with worms as well. Before they knew it, everybody wanted their orders with worms.

The manager of the branch for her part, apologized to Benjamin for the incident as well as to the other customers, and told them that having the worms there was an accident. It was dropped there by a staff accidentally and offered to exchange his dish with a new one, sans the worm, but Benjamin rejected the offer, much to the prodding of other customers for him to decline.

In the end, the manager ended up entertaining the request of the customers. When news reached the headquarters of Jollibee Foods Corp., they then decided to offer a new value meal just in time for the kids and kids at heart this holiday season.

How about you? Do you want your value meals with fries or with worms? Vote now 🙂


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