Hacked. Anti-Epal Bill to Blame?

MANILA, Philippines — Apparently, Facebook was not only the latest victim of internet mischief, as our friends from have been victims of hacking as well.

Just last week, email accounts of were compromised and stolen, as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts of the website. Contents of the site are no longer accessible as the culprits might have deleted all contents as well. The owners website have since recovered the domain name and are planning a big comeback dubbed The Phoenix Project.

Authorities suspects the attack to be of the phishing kind and are already looking for possible angles and suspects, as the site is famous for posting articles targeting the government, showbiz folks, K-Pop fans as well as Justin Bieber, to name a few.

Authorities are currently looking into a lead that would put the blame on a rogue supporter of the much publicized Anti-Epal Bill or its official name: “An Act Prohibiting Public Officers from Claiming Credit through Signage Announcing a Public Works Project”. Yes, we prefer the former as well.

Just a month ago, the proposed Anti-Epal Bill garnered much support from the public because of its aim, as the title implies, to prohibit public officers from claiming credit through signage announcing a public works project. The bill and it’s author, Sen. Mirriam Defensor – Santiago has garnered much support from the public, as well as her colleagues, and even Malacañang. Santiago said public officials should not claim credit for projects funded by taxpayers’ money.

PNP’s Hi-TECH Division Commander SPO10 Estaban Trabahoso explains “That is why we are looking at the angle of a preemptive strike by a person who did not fully understand the full context of the bill and just took action into his/her own hands.”  He added, “He/she might’ve only read the title (Anti-Epal) of the bill and thought that he was doing it for his country, which clearly, is NOT. He got the wrong epals”

Authorities are pinpointing the location of the suspect and would ask the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Bureau of Immigration (BI) to issue a Hold Departure Order as soon as the name of the culprit is finalized. Issuing HDOs seems to be the fad these days when it comes to crime fighting. Here’s hoping that the suspect would not cry foul and runs to the Supreme Court for help. Or St. Lukes if Plan A fails.

In an email, we asked the authors for comments regarding the hacking incident. Below are their statement:

“We’ve always believed that stagnant emotions should be awaken, the ignorant should be made aware, and the dejected should be given a reason to laugh and smile. And in almost two years, the internet has been a relevant medium for us. But it has always been a double-edged sword, and it can serve both favorable and unfavorable consequences. In this case, we found ourselves having to deal with the unfavorable.

We may be injured, but we’re still in fighting form. The site might have been hacked, but our minds can never be crippled. We shall resolve each concerns. With help from friends and support from loyal readers, will rise once more from beneath the ground. We will be reborn from fire.” started as the brainchild of four authors. Maintaining their anonymity was a pact made between them, selecting to use the names “Boss Chip”, “Manong Guard”, “Bunso”, and “Kulturantado”. More than a decade of friendship was the foundation for the site’s plain beginnings. They were simply four friends with overloaded minds who wanted to voice out opinions, reactions, random thoughts and observations about social issues, current events, viral trends, and quirks that usually go unnoticed. Eventually, their satire and injected dry humor towards almost any subject caught the attention of Filipino readers/netizens. And getting a dose of has become part of many people’s daily routine. “Epal” is a slang for scene stealers, and people who meddles in things that doesn’t exactly concern them. Yet the word “epal” also reflects the authors’ catch phrase… “Alamin. Ipaalam. Maki-alam.” has since been online and contents are being added as of press time.

Phishing Scam

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