[SWN Exclusive] Tell-All Interview with Piolo Pascual

MANILA, Philippines — Minutes after his arrival from from Japan with fellow celebrities, So What’s News has scored the first ever interview with actor Piolo Pascual, to get the low down on the issue with his break-up with actress KC Concepcion.

[SoWhatsNews] : PJ, first of all, we would like to thank you for trusting us with this exclusive interview.

[Piolo Pascual] : The pleasure is all mine, as I have a lot to release from my chest.

[SWN] : Let’s start. First question, is it officially over between you and KC Concepcion?

[PP] : We were never really on in the first place, officially or unofficially.

[SWN] : Then how did the news broke out about you being an item?

[PP] : You know how it is with these networks, specifically ABS-CBN. They have to persuade people na kami talaga. Based on research, our viewers will not support a love team if they think that the couple are not smooching or “sweetness” even off-camera.

[SWN] : So, you’re saying that there was no smooching or “sweetness” between you and KC off-cam?

[PP] : To clarify, there was no smooching or sweetness between me and KC on and off-cam. We used a stunt double in my place during intimate scenes with KC on Lovers in Paris.

[SWN] : Why is that?

[PP] : I find it gross kissing KC. But not my stunt double. Yummy sya!

[SWN] : According to KC, one of the reasons of the break-up was that there are some basic things that a woman looks for in a boyfriend, a man; that she didn’t find in you. Care to elaborate?

[PP] : The problem was, yung basic sa kanya ay napaka-hirap sa akin. For example, gusto nya holding hands. Madali bang gawin yun, hindi diba!? Kasi mas makinis ang palad ko sa kanya, nafifeel ko ang roughness ng palms nya. I can’t go into more details, because ayokong siraan ang sarili ko.

[SWN] : Was there a third party?

[PP] : Yes there was.

[SWN] : May we know her name? Or his name?

[PP] : Her po. Her name is KC Concepcion. Sya po ang third party simula’t sapul. Pinilit lang ako ng network executives na pakiligin sya at ang mga viewers. I was in a relationship na before KC.

[SWN] : Why is KC so mad? Bakit sya galit na galit? May nagawa ka ba?

[PP] : Wala po akong ginawa, or ginagawa for that matter. Baka dun po sya nagalit. Baka lang.

[SWN] : Humingi ka ba ng tawad kay KC?

[PP] : Opo, mahilig po akong tumuwad.

[SWN] : Tawad, Piolo, I said tawad.

[PP] : Ay! Sorry, na-off focus lang ako. Yes, humingi po ako ng tawad. Maraming beses po. I can’t count how many times I’ve asked for forgiveness.

[SWN] : She said nine times. Eight out of nine, she forgave you. Not bad, not bad (claps hands). Looking back, what was the best thing about your relationship with KC?

[PP] : The shopping sprees, traipsing on moonlit beaches, pajama parties, her exes…

[SWN] : Pajama parties?

[PP] : She calls them overnighters, make-out nights and kissing sessions. Pero wala namang make-out or kissing na nangyayari, kaya I refer to them as pajama parties.

[SWN] : Interesting…  According to KC, when she broke up with you, tumahimik ka daw. What were you thinking at that moment?

[PP] : I admit, napatahimik ako nun… because I was so happy and ecstatic inside!!! At last I was free! Free as a butterfly!

[SWN] : What’s your reaction on you and KC trending on Twitter?

[PP] : Here’s an insider info, all ABS-CBN employees have Twitter accounts. From the executives and top brass, all the way down to the guy who picks up mustache shavings of Gary Valenciano on ASAP dressing rooms. We are all required to tweet something upon instructions from our marketing department, para to help generate buzz. So far, it seems to be working. Look at Praybeyt Benjamin, diba?

[SWN] : Final statement before we end this interview?

[PP] : Salamat po sa mga fans ko na patuloy ang pagbubulag-bulagan at sa pag suporta. Salamat kay Erik Santos, Jed Madela, at especially kay Mark Bautista, for being my pillars of strength. Abangan nyo po ako sa Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2012, may malaking pasabog akong sasabihin dun!

[SWN] : Alam na namin yan… 


15 thoughts on “[SWN Exclusive] Tell-All Interview with Piolo Pascual

  1. what???? “Salamat kay Erik Santos, Jed Madela, at especially kay Mark Bautista, for being my pillars of strength.”eh mga bading din ‘to eh.

  2. u hate u piolo…bakla ka talaga the way magsalita para kang d lalaki…huh idol pa namn kita…kawawa c KC…I HATE U TALAGA BAKLANG PIOLO….

  3. bwisit ka piolo kapal ng mukha mo..bakla ka talaga..di pinapayagan ng dyos ang manakit nang kapwa..turn off tlaga ako sa ugali mo mgbago ka na at nang di ka makarma..babalik din yan sau ginawa mo..

  4. is this all really true?if it so then i could say he is not ethical.imagine kaya nyang sabihin na ayaw niya kai kc?yung date ba nila sa subic at hug niya kai kc after he admitted that they both are together lahat pagpanggap?oooooooooo mayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  5. soooooooooooooo pretentious piolo.liar and ol.akala ba nman ng marami u are so religious,respectful and has a heart of gold.i have never expected such an interview na ganito answer mo.

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  7. ang tanga naman ng tao para maniwalang this interview really happened. Haha. I’m not saying he’s not gay though but this interview is fucking overrated! 😀

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