Lola Aurelia Tapped to Look for Ramona Revilla

MANILA, Philippines — The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has announced that they have seek the help of Aurelia Matias, or more famously known as Lola Aurelia; in the bureau’s  search for Ramona Revilla.

Lola Aurelia became famous after user Reddie J posted a photo of her on Facebook, with a flyer attached to her back, and a picture of her husband, who apparently went missing more than two weeks ago. The photo went viral and only after a day of being posted, the elderly woman found her missing 78-year old husband.

NBI Director Atty. Magtanggol B. Gatdula hopes that the magic and allure of Lola Aurelia would rub off to them in their hunt for one of the suspects in the Ramgen murder case. The director is very confident with her tactics, that he has created a special task force to handle missing person cases employing Lola Aurelia and her methods. Currently on their list are Jocjoc Bolante, various terrorist and communist leaders, and even Wally.

“We are very glad that Mrs. Matias has agreed to be our consultant as well as an agent for the NBI. With her help, we are very positive that we will be able to track down Ramona, whether she is hiding in Turkey, or anywhere in the world for that matter,” the director said.

NBI’s Photography Division has already released the photo in hope that internet users would help make the photo viral as well, so as to pinpoint Ramona’s location as soon as possible. “Hopefully, in one or two days mahanap na natin sya agad (we’ll find her immediately),” said the photographer who took the new image.

Lola Aurelia can be seen roaming around the streets of Metro Manila starting today. If you have information on the whereabouts of Ramon Revilla, just inform Agent Aurelia on the spot. You can also call or email the office of the NBI, details could be seen on the paper attached to the back of the agent.


8 thoughts on “Lola Aurelia Tapped to Look for Ramona Revilla

  1. Hahahaha Di ko pa nababasa yung entry mo, pagkakita ko pa lang sa pic nahulog na ako sa upuan ko kakatawa 😀

    TY dito 🙂

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