PNoy Cool With Hacienda Distribution. Has Another Farm That’s Untouchable by SC.

MANILA, Philippines — The Supreme Court (SC) ordered the other day the distribution of 4,915.7466 hectares of Hacienda Lusita to it’s farmers, 6,296 farmer-beneficiaries to be exact; with logic that farmers will not benefit from shares of stock as per the last decision of the SC.

Malacañang for it’s part was asked to comment on the issue, as relatives of the President are owners of Hacienda Luisita. Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda, in a press conference, said that the ruling should not be made into an issue as the President has already divested less than 1% of his share in the sugar estate last July 2010.

Lacierda revealed that President Aquino is cool with the recent developments regarding the Hacienda Luisita case, saying that he was in high spirits after the recent developments on the Arroyo case. Lacierda added, “He is also busy managing Hacienda La Simeon, to be bothered about Luisita.”

At this point, President Aquino entered the press room to entertain questions after being briefed by Lacierda about the last question.

When asked what Hacienda La Simeon was, the President said that it was one of the rising farming estates known in the agriculture industry. Crops include corns, tomatoes, potatoes, and even livestock. When asked how many farmers were employed by his farm, he answered, “None”.

At this point, the press were confused with his answer until another reporter asked “Where is this Haceinda La Simeon?”

“Oh, it’s on Facebook, you know, Farmville,” Aquino said in jest.

“With Hacienda La Simeon, there would be no farmers to ask you for land distributions, no Supreme Court decision to pray for, and no protests to endure. With Hacienda La Simeon, I reap the benefits of my hard work, I reap what I sow” said Aquino.

SWN suggested to the President about newer games on Facebook like Castleville or The Sims Social, that your friends keeps badgering you with requests on your notifications. He said that he’s looking into it, but says that until he loses interest in Farmville, he’ll continue satisfying his green thumb.

In other news, the Arroyos are believed to be huge fans of the Facebook game, Mafia Wars and it’s sequel Mafia Wars 2. While former President Estrada is said to be racking up huge amounts on Zynga Poker.


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