Mikey Arroyo Spotted Attending Breaking Dawn Premiere in LA

LOS ANGELES, California — Ang Galing partylist Rep. Mikey Arroyo was spotted attending a special advance screening of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 here at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre just a while ago (US time).

Mikey Arroyo left for California at around 10:30pm last night  (Manila time) on a plane that departed from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Unlike his parents, the younger Arroyo had no difficulty on his way to clearing immigration and security procedures at NAIA.

The Quezon City Regional Trial Court Branch 100 has previously allowed Mikey to travel out of the country. The court increased the bail to 60 thousand per case and must show proof of travel within 72 hours from return to Manila. He is only allowed to stay in US from November 14 to December 7.

Photo taken by Fil-Am witness Maria Sevilla Bonita

It would seem that Mikey went directly to the theater upon arrival, as a Fil-Am Twilight Fanatic who was at the event noticed the lawmaker coming out of an airport taxi and headed straight to the red carpet.

Maria Sevilla Bonita narrated her encounter with the lawmaker, “He looked excited and eager to watch the movie! I didn’t know he was a Twilight Fanatic as well. I was lucky to be able to snap a photo, because he was walking really fast”.  She added, “He went out to buy a bucket of popcorn after going in and a large order of soda.”

The witness followed the Congressman and monitored his movements while inside the theater, particularly when the movie started. “I can conclude that Mikey is for Team Edwards because you can see on his facial expression that he’s euphoric every time Bella and Edward were on a scene together, especially on kissing scenes. While you can see that he’s mad and bored every time Jacob is in a scene with Bella,” noticed Maria.

It’s now clear why Mikey Arroyo was eager to travel abroad, even with a pending tax evasion case here waiting for him and his wife in the Philippines. Why his wife didn’t join him is now a big question. Does she not like the Twilight Saga like 98% of women out there?

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1 is now showing in theaters.


29 thoughts on “Mikey Arroyo Spotted Attending Breaking Dawn Premiere in LA

  1. im definitley not an arroyo fan but uhm hello inside the cinema walang ginawa si maria bonita but to observe Mikey’s reaction to every scene?? This is just funny. Could be true he watched but to give every single detail of what he was doing is just ridiculous…

  2. I pity those people who can’t understand the fact that every post of this blog is just a joke.

    To those who rant about photoshopped images, not-so-true story, etc, I kindly suggest to read everything on this link: https://sowhatsnews.wordpress.com/about/ or you could just simply scroll down to know what SWN is all about.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing, Sir Stewart. I really enjoyed your articles here. Keep ’em coming! 🙂

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  5. Sowhatsnews,post pa kayo sa yahoo.news para sumikat kayo.
    Sabagay ginaya nyo lang naman sa iba ang konsepto nyo.

    Alang originality talaga.

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