Fishball Price Hike Looms

MANILA, Philippines — Fishball vendors across the Metro has filed a petition with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) asking to raise the price of their products from P0.50 to P1.

The Fishball Vendors Association of the Philippines  (FVAP), together with the Squid & Chickenball Fryers Association of the Philippines (SquiChiFAP), Fishball Sauce Manufacturers  of the Philippines and the Philippine Association of Kwek-kwek and Kikiam Operators (PAKweKO) jointly filed the petition after oil firms increased the price of diesel by P1.90/liter the other day.

Several oil companies have also hiked their gasoline prices by P0.60/liter the other day.

In their jointly written request, the group reiterated that the price of fishballs have been cemented to P0.50 ever since the 90’s and this would be the first time that they have asked for a price hike with the DTI.

PAKweKO spokesman Mateo Amis said  “Matagal na pong singkwenta sentimos ang fishball. Ang candy po, dati ay singkwenta sentimos din, pero ngayon ay tatlo dalawang piso na. Ang sago gulaman na nakaplastic na may straw, dati rati’y piso lang, ngayon limang piso na. Medyo huli po kami sa aming daing, pero sana ay pagbigyan nyo kami. (It’s been a long time when fishballs were worth P0.50. Candies before were P0.50 as well, but now they are 3 for P2.00. Sago gulaman that are placed in plastics with straw was P1.00 before, but now they are P5.00. We might be late on our request, but we hope that you will give us a chance).”

The group is asking DTI to raise fishball prices from P0.50 to P1.00 apiece. While squidballs and chickenballs would be P2.50 per piece from the original price of P2.00. Kwek-kwek rates are still to be determined, but the groups are pitching for a P5.00 increase to it’s price.

The petitioners are issuing an ultimatum that if their demands are not met, they will be forced to halt hundreds, if not thousands of their carts from plying their wares on the streets. “We don’t want to be forced to do that, but it is an unnecessary step to make our voices heard,” said Amis.


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