OMB: Pacquiao-Marquez III DVD Sold in Quiapo are Fakes

MANILA, Philippines — The Optical Media Board (OMB) headed by Chairman Ronnie Ricketts issued a warning to the public, not to buy fake DVDs purportedly of the Pacquaio – Marquez fight this coming Sunday.

Even this early, the OMB have confiscated boxes of DVDs around the Quiapo area that contain illegal copies of allegedly the fight this Sunday. “We want to inform the public that the fight is still on Sunday, it would be impossible for the pirates obtain footages of the fight that hasn’t happened yet. Let us be more wise in spending our hard earned money instead of being victims by these unscrupulous pirates”

A vendor who wished to remain anonymous, revealed that a lot of people already bought the DVDs in hopes of getting the upper hand on bets between them and their friends. In fact, the vendor said that they were already on their 2nd batch of duplication before the raid, as their initial stocks have already sold out.

Mabenta po talaga sya! (It really is marketable)” exclaimed another vendor. “Dinudumog kami ng mamimili tuwing may laban po si Pacquiao, kasi alam nila na walang trenta minutos na commercial bawat round sa bibilhin nila (Customers flock to us every time Pacquiao has a fight, because they know that there won’t be thirty minute commercials in-between fights to the DVD that they will buy.), added another vendor.

A customer we interviewed said she bought a copy because she doesn’t want to wait until 3pm in the afternoon to learn the result, as she has to watch ASAP as well, which is on another channel.

SWN was able to obtain a copy of the DVD and fired it up on our office laptop. Needless to say, it is indeed a fake.

Pacquiao VS "Marquez" (Joey)


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