CGMA to be Anlene Endorser

MANILA, Philippines — A day after her lawyer released photos of Cong. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo wearing a halo vest, her camp revealed that a company has offered to help her on her crusade to get better.

CGMA Spokesperson Elena Bautista Horn revealed in a press conference that Anlene Milk has offered a lifetime supply of it’s product to the lawmaker, saying that it would help her improve her bone condition in the long run.

Horn also disclosed plans of the Arroyo camp to garner sympathy from the masses via various projects. One of them would be an endorsement project for the said milk company. “Cong. Arroyo will appear in various advertisements promoting the product and to help raise awareness about her condition and the resulting operation that she, and only she, needs. In the whole Philippines.” emphasizes Horn.

An employee for the ad agency handling the Anlene account gave us an exclusive peek of the proposed print advertisement that is still pending approval:

Click for larger image

In other news, Ang Galing Pinoy partylist Rep. Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo was reported as to asking permission from the Quezon City Regional Trial Court to travel to the United States from Nov. 14 to Dec. 7, after the courts resets he and his wife’s arraignment in connection with the 10 counts of failure to file income tax returns filed against them by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

The younger Arroyo is also having difficulties getting permission to travel abroad just like Mrs. Arroyo because of a hold departure order issued by the Department of Justice (DOJ). When asked if there are any offers similar to his mother’s that would help his caus, the younger Arroyo was proud to say that companies such as Casio has offered him to endorse their line of calculators, and was eager to show us a finished advertisement for the said company. (see left, click to enlarge)

We wish the Arroyos well in their new project and hope that the public will support the products that they endorse. Rest assured that the products they push are really fit for them, unlike newscasters endorsing liquid soaps or koala bears endorsing breakfast cereals.


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