Meralco to Give Away Free 1000w Christmas Lights to Consumers Starting This Month

MANILA, Philippines –Meralco customers will receive an unexpected gift on their monthly billing statement before the start of the holiday rush, a company spokesman said.

It won’t be in the form of price cuts or refunds, consumers will instead receive a set of Christmas lights from the electric company by using the included coupon on their monthly billing statement and claiming the gift at the nearest Meralco office.

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“It’s our way of giving back to our millions of valued customers. As we all know, Christmas is fast approaching and we believe some families cannot afford to decorate their homes. We want to help spread the joy of this season that we’ve decided to give away a set of 1300 watt 1000 pcs Dancing Lights with Sound© to every household in the Philippines!” said Kurt Yenteng, a company representative.

Customers just need to present the aforementioned coupon to any Meralco business center and instantly claim their complimentary Christmas lights. Mr. Yenteng adds “I urge everyone to immediately head home after recieving their gift and start decorating their homes. We suggest keeping the lights plugged in 24/7 so that no time is wasted in feeling the Christmas spirit and ambiance.”

He also stated that keeping the lights plugged in always would deter bad elements from entering your homes while the whole family is away, because they would assume that you are home.

When asked of the quality of the lights, Mr. Yenteng assured everyone that all the lights would have the ICC sticker attached and it has passed through rigorous testing by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Department of Energy (DOE). “What good is it to our company if consumers receives bad or damaged product? We want them to keep them plugged in all the time hence the quality”

Also worth mentioning is the fact that the coupons could be photocopied and be claimed multiple times by a single household. “Some house are small, some are big, this is our remedy in-case people say that we are unfair. Hurry while supplies last!” Yenteng said.

A consumer watchdog group warned citizens that keeping a set of 1000 piece – 1300 watt Christmas lights 24/7 would equate to huge profits for the electric company.

“The fact that they would also hike their rates during the holiday season is pure greedy genius!” said the leader of the group. “Remember that this is a for-profit company, everything they do involves money and not for the welfare of consumers.”

“Money that is usually to their benefit.”


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