Ruffa Tweets Anew. Targets Shaina.

MANILA, Philippines — Actress Ruffa Guiterrez finally came clean to what her recent controversial tweet meant via a new tweet.

On her recent post, seen above, it would seem that Ruffa was referring to the scandal that Shaina Magdayao and John Lloyd Cruz got into last September, where it was rumored that the couple was rushed to a hospital after encountering a rare medical condition that occurs during sexual intercourse.

This recent tweet came after the public urged Ruffa to name the person she was referring to when she tweeted “No cure for the insecure” a week ago.

Multiple private messages sent to Miss Guiterrez’s  Twitter account for clarification have yet to be answered.

Rumors that Shaina & John Lloyd’s relationship was in the rocks started circulating months ago with various speculations and rumors surfacing as to the reason behind it.

In an exclusive interview with So, What’s News? (SWN) before the above tweet was posted; Shaina vehemently denied rumors that she and John Lloyd had recently broke-up. She said reports of her texting harsh remarks to the actor’s rumored ex-girlfriend, Ruffa Gutierrez, were also false.

“I don’t need to text her because I’m not insecure or anything. I don’t even have her number,” said Shaina.

The public is still waiting for the rebuttal of Shaina with Ruffa’s latest tweet.

John Lloyd was recently  quoted in an interview that their relationship had become boring. And in another statement, said that their relationship was on the rocks.

Shaina admitted that it was becoming boring, saying “We haven’t been active ever since the incident that happened last year. So yeah, medyo boring nga…

When asked if she’s confirming that it did happen, the actress gave a “no comment” for an answer. Instead, she ended our interview saying “Lloydie and I are inseparable. That’s it.”

We’ll have more updates as soon as both parties explains their sides. Stay tuned.


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