Bieber Renames Christmas Album After Lawsuit Threat

HOLYWOOD, USA — Worldwide singing sensation Justin Bieber announced on Monday that he and his record label decided to rename his upcoming Christmas album after being threatened by a lawsuit.

In a three page complaint filed by American Cinema International against Island Def Jam and the artist, the independent entertainment company is asking the recording label not to use the phrase Under the Mistletoe, in any form whatsoever, as the title for Bieber’s upcoming album.  The studio alleges that the public might get confused that the album is an official soundtrack for it’s TV Movie release of 2006 bearing the same name.

“We hope that both parties would come to terms regarding this matter and to settle this out of court. We just don’t want our viewer to get confused and more importantly, we don’t want millions of Beliebers to get mad at us. This is an adult matter and we think that we should settle this as adults,” said a company spokesman for the movie studio.

Scooter Braun, manager of Bieber released a statement following the news of the lawsuit. “We have decided to rename Justin’s upcoming album to settle this once and for all.  The much-anticipated album would still be released on time as scheduled but will now carry the title Under The Cameltoe.”

He added “It is sad that we had to come to this  after our successful campaign of Mistletoe Monday. Rest assured that we are putting extra effort and care to this newly titled album the same care that we gave the original. We are planning to announce a new campaign called Cameltoe Christmas to kick-start it again in time for the album’s release. I hope that all Beliebers of the world would make it a trending topic on Twitter again.”

In a phone interview to JBiebs himself, we asked him if there were plans to rename the carrier single Mistletoe to Cameltoe. “I think that’s plausible, seeing as it would fit nicely to the song when replaced. It might change the meaning of the song, but I’ll just add quotation marks to certain words to imply it.”

When asked to elaborate, he said “…for example the line Lights fill the streets spreading so much cheer, I could make it “Lights” fill the “streets” “spreading” so much “cheer”.  Another example is the line Word on the street santa’s coming tonight. Adding quotation marks on the word coming could work wonders.”

Justin shared a final idea before ending the interview with a song: “I could change some words, but not by much, so as not to frustrate my fans who have already memorized Mistletoe,” then he sang “With me, shawty with me / With me, shawty with me / With me under your cameltoe…”


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