DEPED to Construct Dedicated Evacuation Centers. Could Also Be Used As Schools.

MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Education with the help of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council have announced that they will start building dedicated evacuation centers so that children’s schooling and education will not be affected whenever a school is used as an evacuation center.

DEPED and NDRRMC have announced a cross-agency project that would see both agencies build and operate dedicated evacuation centers, for use in times of crisis and thus  eliminating the need to cancel classes when classrooms are filled with evacuees. This news comes after classes started to resume in some parts of the country after flood waters have subsided, but still with typhoon Ramon on the horizon threatening parts of Visayas and Mindanao.

Using the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration’s (PAGASA) geo-hazard map, the government will determine key priority areas to jump start the project. They will first start at Luzon region, particularly at region 3.  the  The evacuation centers will come equipped with various bathroom fixtures for hygienic purposes of the evacuees as well as an on-site warehouse to store non-perishable goods like clothing and water. Consumable goods like rice, noodles and canned goods would be supplied even before a typhoon will hit an area. A backup generator would also come equipped to provide electricity in case of emergency.

The proposed evacuation centers would also be used as schools during the summer or when there is no need to use it as an evacuation site. “The rooms of the evacuees would have blackboards as well as bookshelves, just in case” said DEPED Sec Armin Luistro. He added, “There would also be a faculty room as well as an auditorium on the top floor of the EC’s. Evacuees can use them however they like, but teachers and students would be able to utilize them during school hours.” Plans for waterproof bookshelves for the library were also proposed.

When asked if they would furnish the rooms with either bunk beds or combination of tables and chairs, the secretary said the that it was latter. Mr Luistro was quick to clarify that their main objective was to build evacuation centers and schools second, but admitted that determining how many bunk beds to furnish was a huge task, saying that the number of evacuees kept on increasing each year.

“It might seem like we are building a school, but technically they ARE evacuation centers.”

This project is similar to Malacañang’s “dual-purpose” project that was recently bared to the media where it was found out that Presidential Adviser for Political Affairs Ronald Llamas’ residence not only acts as a home for the adviser and his family but is also an armory of high powered firearms.

Recently, the car of the adviser figured in a vehicular accident where investigators later found out that there were high powered guns on the driver’s possession including an AK-47. The employee of Llamas was then sacked due to “not following orders” according to the presidential adviser.

“We do this to cut the overhead cost and to save the government’s coffers. With this for example, utility costs would go down and could be use for the improvement of various national infrastructures” said a representative of Llamas.

The government might be rid of “utak wang-wang” but apparently there are others that are “utak bang-bang”.


6 thoughts on “DEPED to Construct Dedicated Evacuation Centers. Could Also Be Used As Schools.

  1. The premise should also have a free WI-FI access to update Facebook status and to be able upload photos, tweet and watch videos.

    And oh please..Mr. Lao should be informed about this. 🙂

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