Malacañang Declares October as In-Denial Month

MANILA, Philippines — In a press briefing held this morning, Malacañang declared the month of  October as In-Denial Month.

Under RA20350, the government shall and will adhere, with strict compliance, to denials when faced with situations or criticisms. Denials could be in the form of extreme blindness to reality and evidence, if present as well as showing severe case of amnesia or memory loss. The 3rd sentence on Paragraph 10 under page 6 states that “…government employees, including but not limited to: rank and file, board members, secretaries, under-secretaries, OICs, elected officials and others not mentioned but under the scope of the government and it’s red tape; shall be allowed to deliver or act on statements that are denouncing in nature, whether it is the truth or not, just as long as it is denial in nature.”

The government was asked why it was slow to announce In Denial Month, when we are already ten days into the month of October. Presidential  spokesman Edwin Lacierda told reporters that “there might have been an oversight on the proclamation or announcement because of ongoing relief operations but rest assured that your government have been observing In Denial Month since the start of the October.”

When asked for proof, Mr. Lacierda stated that the government has in fact observed In Denial Month when it protested the statement made by  United States Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas, Jr. when he said that 40% or 4 of every 10 male foreigners who come to the Philippines come for sex tourism. “Where is the proof? We ask the US government to provide proof! I think 40% is not an accurate number,” Lacierda added.

The reporters then all nodded in agreement.

It will be remembered that Ang Galing Pinoy Partylist representative Mikey Arroyo’s issued a similar statement asking for proof when faced with tax evasion charges filed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue recently.

When asked for another example, Lacierda stated that they were “in denial” for their incompetence during typhoons, most recently on Typhoon Pedring and Quiel. Even though President Aquino has a mandate on “zero casualty”, reports of citizens dying due to the floods are increasing. “There is no one to blame than the citizens who refuses to comply during evacuations. We even got reports of people getting electrocuted, and we blame the power company for that. Our government agency have been doing their jobs efficiently and I don’t think we are lacking in the preparations department.”

A reporter for another site was about to question Lacierda’s statement and was about to raise her hand when she was reminded by a colleague that it was In Denial Month. She then lowered her hand and just nodded in agreement.

To end the press briefing, Lacierda said “Rest assured that your government agencies will do their jobs AND observe In Denial Month all at the same time. Critics of this administration would be faced with harsh rebuttals with their comments, so watch out.”


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