Magazine Caves-in to Clamor: Asks Public to Choose New Cover.

The original and controversial cover

MANILA, Philippines — After receiving flak for it’s controversial cover of it’s recent issue, Yes! Magazine has finally caved-in to the demands of the protesters.

The magazine has released two new covers (seen below) for it’s October issue and and in a democratic twist, letting readers vote for the new cover. “We hope that the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) will find these two new covers suitable for their tastes,” said a representative from the publisher. “… and whatever the public chooses, we hope they will respect it (the decision).”

Yes! Magazine and Nora Aunor recently drew protest from PMA when it featured the come-backing actress in a pose where she could be seen holding a cigarette. According to the group, the cover concept promotes smoking among it’s readers and is a bad influence to our youth to which the actress and the publisher vehemently denied.

Yes Magazine for it’s part refused to change it’s cover at first, standing by their ideas and principles. But what made the dam burst was the threat that the church might interfere in the issue. “Father Robert Reyes, a volunteer for the PMA and a stout priest might connect the dots and ask for the Catholic Church’s help if we refuse to conform to their demands”

“We don’t want to be another Mideo Cruz”, said a writer for the monthly publication; referencing the heat that the artist received from various religious groups that forced the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) to close down the Kulo Art Exhibit.

SWN is currently conducting a poll as to which cover the magazine should use to appease the critics and public. Please vote for your choice below:


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