Malacańang Creates New Commission For Work Suspensions in Private Sector

MANILA, Philippines — Malacańang today announced a new government commission that will handle announcements of work suspension and cancellation in the private sector.

Under Executive Order 58 , the newly created Commission on Work Suspensions (COWS) headed by Juanito Matad, will be the one in charge of the issuance of work cancellation in case of typhoons and natural disasters.

The commission will work together with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) as well as the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical & Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA); so that in case of strong typhoons or calamities, citizens working for the private sector will no longer feel sorry for themselves upon hearing class suspensions for students and work suspension for government employees on their way to their workplace.

“This is a welcome development in what we think is an announcement long overdue. Our workers started out as students who relied on the Department of Education (formerly Department of Education, Culture, Sports) for almost 12 to 16 years. Hearing on the radio the announcement of class suspension was one of our fond memories of our schooling years,” said Miles Chow during an ambush interview on his way to work.  He added “with this new commission, workers under the private sector like us, would be more eager to listen to the radio or watch the news on television for announcements during typhoons.”

The Palace caved in to the demands of the private sector, headed by Kilusang Mayo Uno secretary general Wilson Baldonaza. This after the Malacańang and DepEd announced class and work suspension for government employees and students respectively. “We believe that employees in the private sector are also human, and is affected by floods and winds brought by typhoons. There is no reason for them to wait for their chauffeur driven bosses in their flood proof  SUVs to announce work cancellation for them,” said Baldonanza

When asked if the new commission will follow the pattern of DepED in announcing cancellation of work around noon, Mr. Lacierda simply replied “Beggars can’t be choosers you know”.


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