Jollibee Unveils New Mascot: Mr. Gravy To Join Jollitown Next Month.

MAKATI, Philippines — Jollibee Foods Corporation unveiled yesterday to investors and media its newest mascot to join the ranks of Jollibee, Mr. Yum and Hetty.

In a well organized press event with high production values,  CEO Tony Tan Caktiong introduced Mr. Gravy to the people present at the event. “Our customers are always asking for “extra gravy, extra gravy”, whenever they eat one of our Chickenjoy value meals. We took the opportunity of this demand and popularity and now we are very proud to welcome Mr. Gravy to our Jollibee family!”

The pamphlet containing the lyrics to the song Gravy. Click to view larger.

In a song and dance number that wowed the audience, Mr. Gravy, sporting green overalls and orange shirt; performed a version of the song Baby by Justin Beaver but with modified lyrics. The audience were handed a pamphlet with the revised lyrics to encourage them to sing along.

A Q&A portion was allotted after the performance to entertain queries as well as suggestions. One reporter asked why the gravy that comes with the value meal is much tastier than the one given as a refill. A company representative refused to answer and instead instructed everybody to ask questions only pertaining to the mascot and not to the product that he was derived from.

Jollibee Foods Corporation is currently mulling the idea of using Mr. Gravy as a cross-brand mascot. Chowking is currently looking into the idea of utilizing Mr. Gravy’s services for promotional purposes. A company representative for Chowking was heard saying: “I don’t see any conflict here because in our point of view, Chowking’s gravy and Jollibee’s gravy tastes alike. So it would be a “no brainer” for us to use the same mascot, don’t you think?”

Along with appearances in various Jollibee branches, Mr. Gravy will appear in the Sunday morning show Jollitown next month. Along with Jollibee, Yum, Twirlie, Hetty, and Popo; they will continue to impart viewers with lessons of good values and right conduct.  Expect to see Mr. Gravy around Episode 12 or 13 by next month.


11 thoughts on “Jollibee Unveils New Mascot: Mr. Gravy To Join Jollitown Next Month.

  1. dapat ipanukala na ni mr. congressman from qc na dapat parehas ang sarap ang gravy ng refill at nasa set meal. para sa ikauunlad ng bayan!!!!

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