SM Enforces No Gun Policy Inside Malls. Removes Arcade Games With Gun Peripherals From Timezone, Et Al

MANILA, Philippines — Following 2 incidents of shooting inside their mall in less than a week, SM management has announced that it will enforce a strict “no gun” policy around theirs malls nationwide.

This morning, SM management and security started the removal of arcade cabinets like Time Crisis, House of the Dead, Jurassic Park  and numerous others; all with realistic gun attachments that players use to shoot the screen with. “After we have rid our malls of these violent games, our next step is to discontinue sales of plastic toy guns from Toy Kingdom. An immediate recall to all related items are currently being implemented across all our branches nationwide,” said Alfonso Pinaumayan, head of security and logistics at SM Corp.

Two separate incidents of shooting have taken place recently at 2 malls of SM in a span of 5 days. The first one involved Shiela Macapugay, who shot her husband and a security guard , who tried to stop her from shooting herself. Investigators believes that the suspect is not psychologically stable and reports of her being a battered wife are still being investigated.

Another shooting involving 2 minors at SM Pampanga happened before noon yesterday. Authorities are looking at the angle of “lover’s quarrel” as the reason of the shooting. Details are hard to come by as both sides of the family refuses to grant interviews to the media.

The Philippine National Police investigators, with the help of SM Mall’s CCTV has found out that both suspects visited Timezone and Tom’s World respectively before initiating the crime. Authorities came to the conclusion that games inside the establishment influenced both suspect into performing violent acts.

This led to the swift action of SM management mentioned above and released a statement: “We believe that by doing  this, we are making our malls a safer place to shop. After the recall of the games and toys, our security personnel will no longer check the bags of shoppers because we believe that we have already removed the bad influences inside our malls.”

Marketing and promotional departments of SM Corporation is currently composing a new jingle for the mall following the improvement of the security. Jessimae Filomena, project manager of the new jingle, was asked for a sample of the new lyrics, and she had this to say: ” Come on in and look what we’ve got / There’s so much more / There’s such a lot / Here at SM we’ve got it all / We’ve got it all / Except toy guns / We’ve got it all / Except arcade gun games / So come everyone / Here at SM / It’s all at SM / Here at SM / We’ve got it all for you! “


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