Nation in Beauty Pageant Frenzy, Forgotten About GMA’s Health.

MANILA, Philippines — The country it seems, is in a “beauty pageant frenzy” and has forgotten to ask how 2nd District of Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is doing healthwise.

With last week’s 3rd runner-up finish at Miss Universe pageant of Shamcey Supsup making headlines and last Saturday’s coronation of Miss World Philippines to Gwendolyn Ruais, one can’t help but wonder: How is GMA doing after being released from the hospital a few weeks ago?

How is GMA, after battling complications from her surgery and getting advice from doctors not to grant interviews, watch ONLY comedy movies; is doing? Are we, as a nation, not inquiring about her health because we no longer care and wished she just die? Or are we, as a nation, not inquiring about her health because we believe that there was no illness in the place?

I don’t understand people’s criticism or doubt whether on not Arroyo was ill in the first place. There is too much at stake to fake something as big as this. Let me cite a few factors for me to arrive at this conclusion:

  • Hospital – It’s St. Lukes for crying out loud! You don’t just check in to this establishment like say Gwapotel and stage a fake operation without shelling out huge amount of cash. Unless of course you have huge amount of cash that is.
  • Doctors – these doctors are world renowned! I don’t think they are capable of lying. They have oath to take before being able to practice medicine right?  But wait, isn’t there something called Doctor-Patient Confidentiality that makes the previous sentence useless?
  • Doctor’s Orders – I believe she was prohibited from granting interviews right from the start. If that was what the doctors ordered, she must have had a very serious illness, right? It must only be pure coincidence that there was trouble brewing on Arroyoland, what with a new Ombudsman being named; that the doctor’s prescription seemed fitting. Health is wealth as they say.
  • THE Photo – For almost a month or more that GMA was confined, she was able to release a photo of her in the hospital to silent the naysayers. You can’t say that she’s just acting to look sick, cause trust me, she CAN’T ACT as proven by her “I am sorry” speech.
  • Neckbrace – Nothing says you are sick or ill or injured than by putting a neck-brace around your neck. Childhood years spent watching WWE wrestling shows has taught me one thing: a wrestler is injured if he has a neck brace around his neck. And I believe that an expert group of doctors is needed to attach that thing to a patient’s neck. Raul Lambino couldn’t have done it all by himself.

So, to people that have been caught-up by the media’s (including this one) sudden spotlight on beauty pageants, we should allot a moment from our day to pray for the speedy recovery of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. After all, if and only if  she dies, we don’t want everybody to treat her like Angelo Reyes do we?


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