Shamcey Supsup to Represent the Philippines in 2012 Miss Universe Pageant. 2013 Also If Need Be.

SAU PAULO, Brazil — Following the recent result of the Miss Universe pageant, Philippine organizers have cooked up a “sure-win” scheme to guarantee our country’s representative.

The Philippine Miss Universe Organizing Committee has just announced that 2011 Miss Universe 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup has been tapped once again to represent the country on next year’s pageant. TPMUOC spokesperson Luzviminda Dela Cruz released a statement after the pageant explaining the proposal saying “It is our belief that Ms. Supsup did a fabulous job representing our country in the just concluded contest. But we believe that we CAN do better. So with that said, The Philippine Miss Universe Organizing Committee, as a whole; has decided to choose Ms. Shamcey Supsup as our country’s representative next year. ”

When asked to elaborate on a rather unorthodox move, one of the founding members of TPMUOC was not hesitant to explain. “By 2012, all countries who will participate in the pageant would be busy choosing their next representative. By choosing Ms. Supsup here and now, we would have a head-start against the competition . Shamcey already has the moves down pat, the charm to woo the audience and the intelligence that was witnessed by millions of viewers during the question and answer portion. We believe that with this move, the Philippines would be GUARANTEED the crown on next years competition.”

But when asked what would happen if Ms. Supsup would finish only as 1st runner-up, one member was annoyed and had this to say: “If and when that would happen, I believe that it would still bring honor to our country, and we should be proud of that. And IF and only if that does happen, we are announcing right here and now, that Ms. Shamcey Supsup would again be the representative of our country in the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant. She has nowhere to go but up!”

Bold words indeed.

When ambushed for an interview regarding the subject matter during her stopover at Los Angeles, Caqlifornia; Ms. Supsup had this to add: “I won’t be assuring anyone that I would win the coveted crown on next year’s event, it is up to God and only God to decide the rightfully winner. But two things that I can guarantee is that I will again finish first and third in the night gown & swimsuit category respectively.”

When asked to elaborate, Shamcey told this reporter that she would be wearing the same night gown and swimsuit for next year’s pageant.


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