DEPED Alarmed Over Increased Simplicity of Gang Names

MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Education has expressed its concern over the increasing simplicity of gang names that have surfaced recently.

In a press conference held at his office the other day, DEPED secretary Armin Luistro reiterated his concern to the press and the public that gang names like Bukas-Taxi-Gang and Jumper Boys are overly simplistic when compared with past gang names like Kuratong Baleleng and True Brown Style 13. 

“We should address this increasing problem in our society that even names of criminal organizations are affected by the low educational quality in our country. I am asking the Congress and the Senate to increase the budget of our department significantly, for us to be able to take immediate steps and propose programs that are targeted towards these unscrupulous groups.” said Luistro.

A program/project leaflet was handed out to the press to explain the steps that the agency is proposing.  According to paragraph 3 on page 4, DEPED wants to coordinate with the Philippine National Police to try and hunt down the hideouts of these “simplistically named” gangs. From there, they will hold dialog and seminars with the members of the said gang and teach them the importance of good grammar and complex gang naming.

According to the 20 page leaflet, “… by the end of the 6 month program, gang members and leaders will learn the importance of “branding” and would have learned to construct names that are not obvious in telling people their modus-operandi. In six months time, we could be welcoming newly named gangs that we could be proud of.”

This early, groups like Akyat Bahay Gang and Rugby Boys have expressed interest in the program. A member of Akyat Bahay Gang, who wish to remain anonymous, had this to say:  “Willing po kaming isapubliko ang aming hideout upang makapasok at matulungan kami ng DEPED sa kanilang bagong programa.” (We are willing to tell the public our hideout to welcome the DEPED in helping us through their new program)

To finish the press conference, Sec. Luistro had this to add: “It won’t be long before a gang from the Philippines joins the ranks of creatively named gangs from the US like the Bloods, the Crips, & North Side Varrio Boys, just to name a few.”


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